Grow Maxx indoor garden center in Iron Mountain, Michigan
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Grow Maxx is a professional gardening center in Iron Mountain, Michigan that stocks organic nutrients and supplies to help you garden both outdoors and indoors, year round, no matter what climate or other obstacles you face.

Grow Maxx has everything you need to maxximize your harvests! HID lighting, MH Bulbs, HPS Bulbs, Hydroponic Supplies & Systems, Inline Fans, Carbon Filters, Duct Work, Plant Nutrients and Supplements, Bud Boosters, Cloners, Organic Soils, OMRI, Maxx Power Hydro Controllers, and more!

We are your Maxximum production team!

Whether growing tomatoes and peppers, shrubs and trees, or flowers and other plants for your garden, we have what you need! We welcome commercial gardeners and offer wholesale and institutional discounts.

For a limited time, take advantage of our grand opening and take 15% off of your order by entering discount code "Maxx15" at checkout.

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